About Us

We Are Lintas Live

For decades, brand stories have come from the four Ps. We bring you the fifth – the Present

Lintas Live is MullenLowe Lintas Group’s digital first creative PR agency. We are a part of MullenLowe Globals’s communications network, which includes U.S. based agency MullenLowe PR – voted Global Creative PR Agency of the Year in the Holmes Report 2017. For over two decades we have helped some of the country’s most prestigious brands navigate their communication needs. We are the largest PR agency embedded in a full-service diversified communications group and we are recognized as one of the leading PR firms in India.

As part of an institution that has built some of India’s most resilient brands, Lintas Live recognises that whether it is a corporate brand, a personal brand or a product/service brand, in this digital age, they all need to be LIVE. This is our ethos and we power it with data-led insights and LIVE storytelling across digital and conventional platforms.


Our Living Purpose

We help brands live in the now, plan for the now, and embrace the now

In today’s ever connected world, opinions are formed dynamically and in real-time, making it imperative for every brand to also be LIVE.

PR is no longer just about media stories – it is about becoming a relevant voice in public conversations in a manner that makes the brand hard to ignore and, hence, a part of the pop culture; something we call #CulturalNewsjacking. We provide our clients with agile, proactive and “always live” PR and communications solutions. This is driven by our unique model of LIVE communities of #TrendSpotters, #CreativeArchitects and #NewsJackers that work closely with our brand champions to deliver impactful campaigns.

#Trendspotters – Responsible for moving the LIVE needle for brands by spotting current trends, opportunities and issues. Wired in the now, their insights provide trigger points for ideas that influence and get written about.

#CreativeArchitects – Are the narrators of NOW, who breathe life into the story and animate brand experiences. They visualize and craft content in modern formats that is relevant, kickass and un-boring.

#NewsJackers – Ensure your brands morph into an integral part of the conversations that matter the most. Thereby creating living conversations that give an unfair share of attention to clients’ brands, businesses, and reputations.


Our Living Promise

To create living conversations that influence society.

We believe in the power of a compelling story. One that doesn’t need self-proclamation. It is no longer about just relationships or a constant grab for attention. We get you talk value without the unnecessary noise, and let the message flourish to create boundless impact.

Powered By

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity
Reputation & Crisis Management
Crisis management is not damage control. It is about using data insights to anticipate issues early on and nip them in the bud. We create communications strategies to ensure challenges are foreseen and met with swift, decisive and intelligent action.

Navigate A Complex Ecosystem
Brand Consulting
We are live-wired to proactively help brands with agile solutions for real-life business challenges through PR, Digital, Content, Moment Marketing and Technology. Our consulting frameworks are driven by data insights and a keen understanding of audience behavior. Brand building is a continuous process where we navigate to ensure your brand is agile enough to face new challenges and leverage new trends quickly and seamlessly.

3) Get Hyped
Media relations
In today’s digitally interconnected world, opinions get formed not only through the news media, but through influencers, experts, leaders, bloggers, celebrities and all other individuals and communities who have a voice and want to use it. We are adept at navigating this crowded and competitive LIVE opinion forming landscape to deliver brands  high levels of earned visibility and value.

4) Stand Apart
Social Media Management
We live in the attention economy where modern storytelling takes many forms – friend to friend, influencer to listener and leader to tribe. We ensure your message does not get lost in the chatter by giving your brand a distinct voice; one that fosters authentic dialogues with your target audience.

5) Feel The Pulse
Social Listening & Insights

Our community of #TrendSpotters mine data and understand the pulse of conversations and audiences. They form our nerve centre that make our brand partners an intrinsic part of today’s conversations.

6) Amplify Through Influence
Influencer Marketing
Today, conversations are the live barometer for any brand and influencers are key to driving them. We pair you with the right influencers to advocate your brand and create messaging that resonates with your audiences.

7) Stories That Live Forever
Content Marketing
Great content is what makes people sit up and take notice. Drawing inspiration from what is trending right now, we identify the best format for your message and craft content that delivers a disproportionate impact

Our Network

We are a creatively driven integrated marketing communications network with a strong entrepreneurial heritage and challenger mentality. We use creativity to get our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention.


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