With a viewer base of 700 million spread across 167 countries, over the course of the last 25 years, SPN has transitioned from Multi Screen Media Limited (MSM) to Sony Pictures Networks India. The task at hand was to position SPN as a leading network by creating conversations as an industry stalwart and evangelist for the next phase in the M&E space and by endorsing relevant initiatives stemming from SPN’s core beliefs.


The media and entertainment space over the last 5 years has undergone a major shift owing to the increase in popularity of digital and OTT platforms. The increase in the number of competitors in this space also made it vital to make the network stand out.


Crafted a new corporate brand strategy for Sony Pictures Networks India by building strong corporate positioning and identity through strategically pursued media engagement. We established standardized communications and strategy guidelines by building a strong presence on the social and digital mediums. We also successfully established thought leadership by participating in relevant industry stories and adopting best practices for the industry.


Over the last four years, we have successfully positioned SPN as a leading network. We also succeeded in positioning SPN as a conscientious organization by achieving quality traction through interviews and contributories focusing on the CSR initiatives of the brand. We saw an increase of 30% in media relations built which resulted in an increased brand recall.