To position Annapurna atta’s offerings as a viable and easy alternative in South India while simultaneously creating positive conversations about the ease of making chapatis, especially to first-time cooks who took this up during the nationwide lockdown


There exists a stereotype around the notion of a perfect chapati and its round shape. Thus, we created the idea of ‘#WhyShouldAllChapatisBeRound?’ engaging first-time cooks as well those familiar with cooking to question what centuries of conditioning had made us believe


We un-stereotyped food through a creative influencer engagement strategy which including sharp targeting our audiences with locally relevant influencers who created bite-sized, relatable content. The campaign kick-started with an unconventional but disruptive protagonist – a popular comedian, who busted the myth of round chapatis in a quick-witted manner. We then sustained the buzz by leveraged a highly engaging lockdown trend of influencer couples cooking together. We got them to really bring alive #WhyShouldAllChapatisBeRound? in their own humorous way, which made for some highly engaging content and conversations on the topic. We ended the campaign on a high note with a trending #DontRushChallenge video featuring various influencers and their families passing the rolling pin to one another, while showcasing their unique chapatti shapes. The content created was not only topical and time sensitive, but also seamlessly integrated the brand.