Terribly Tiny Tales collaborates with Bayer India for #SirfEkSaridon campaign

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Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has collaborated with headache relief medicine Saridon (Bayer India) for its #SirfEkSaridon campaign. The campaign illustrates Saridon as an accessible and dependable brand when it comes to relief from headaches.

Over the years, Saridon has been synonymous with fast headache relief. However, TTT’s relatable stories bring a fresh, lighthearted take on headaches (while not taking it lightly). The campaign, conceptualised by the Lintas Live team (Saridon’s creative agency) sees TTT showcase the relevance of #SirfEkSaridon in situations beyond just literal headaches.

Sometimes, more than a literal headache, it is a person or a situation we are stuck in that turns into a pesky headache in our lives. Taking a cue from this, the storytelling platform has crafted interesting nuggets of stories about headaches in an engaging, easy and conversational manner.

These bite-sized tales perfectly captured relatable and relevant moments people face in their daily lives where all they need is #SirfEkSaridon to relieve them of their sardards (headache). Quirky and infused with quick wit, they also portrayed how people and places can act as a Saridon, taking our sardard away by bringing some relief to our lives.

TTT’s powerful storytelling often stirs the audience’s innermost emotions. And this aspect further helped build a deep personal connection with them for this campaign.

Anuj Gosalia, CEO and Co-Founder – Terribly Tiny Tales, said, “Saridon’s forward-thinking approach to speak to a young and contemporary audience is laudable. By tapping into relatable stories and insights around sardard, this partnership has sparked an amazing conversation within and outside TTT’s community. This has been an incredible start to our relationship and we can’t wait to do a bigger and better S2 of the campaign”.

Sandeep Verma, Country Head – Consumer Health Division at Bayer (India), said, “For us, at Bayer, people and their everyday health needs are at the centre of our business strategy. This initiative harnesses our brand’s individual strengths to connect with our audience through TTT’s meaningful storytelling style, which this time around was centred on metaphorical headaches.”

Ritu Mittal – Head of Marketing and Digital, Consumer Health Division at Bayer (India), added, “Through this collaboration with TTT, we have tried to leverage Saridon’s strong lineage and recall value by co-creating unique and engaging stories aimed at drawing a beautiful synergy between the brand’s core values, creativity and contemporary social media content.”

Ameer Ismail, President, Lintas Live (part of MullenLowe Lintas Group), said, “Be it with the pill or quirky ads, Saridon is on a mission to relieve headaches! This iconic brand has always been big on relatability. Connecting with people from all walks of life by presenting everyday problems as ‘sardards’ has been our focus for Saridon. TTT, known for its engaging content around the daily nuances of life with which everyone in India can empathise, had to be our go-to for collaboration. Their style just complimented the brand so seamlessly that the association clicked immediately.”

TTT consistently aims to build compelling narratives through relatable branded storytelling, helping brands and companies connect on a deeper level with their audiences. With its unique storytelling that highlighted realistic instances everybody faces, the #SirfEkSaridon campaign aimed to do just that.

(The article was first published in Media Brief)